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Dear Gramps

I have just recently found out that a friend has absolutely no belief at all in God. She believes that we are all part of a theory of evolution. I believe in God and our Savior Jesus Christ. She cannot believe that a God would allow such horrific and long suffering and death to happen to the oh so innocence of little children. She believes that man made up the story of God to explain “man’s existence.” She doesn’t believe that the bible is anything but a mere storybook. How does one touch such an individual. I’ve shared my testimony and my beliefs. How can one reach someone that believes that we a merely born, live and die? Thanks

June, from California

Dear June,

Your friend is like many others who try to explain religion intellectually rather than spiritually. Attempting to apply man’s reasoning to God’s work is a futile exercise, and leads to many errors. Although it is not difficult to explain the logic of God’s work, all logical arguments are based on certain a priori premises. If one does not accept the a priori premises, there is no basis for logical communication. In addition, true conversion to the principles of truth has never followed the path of intellectual reasoning.

The ways of God are so far beyond the ways of man that there is only one way that any knowledge of God or his works may be obtained, and is by direct revelation from God. His revelations are recorded in the Holy Scriptures and in the words of modern-day Prophets. In addition, each individual, if he qualifies, may also receive direct revelation from God confirming the words of the Prophets and the scriptures.

Testimony, not logic, converts. When testimony is born, the Holy Spirit carries the words to the hearts of the listeners, to the extent that they are prepared to be influenced by the Holy Spirit.

You have done a good thing by bearing your testimony to your friend. The other thing that you could do would be to so live your religion that your friend will want to share the joy that you receive from obeying the commandments. Then she may develop a willing heart.

It is counter productive to contend with her about the principles of the gospel. Contention is of the Adversary, and promotes ill will rather than learning. Let your friend know that you respect her beliefs and that you are a true friend. She must find her own way.


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