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Dear Gramps,

Florida’s past evolvement since dating to Pangea? Has Florida ever been under water?





Dear Aaron,

Florida has indeed been under water, and the super continent Pangea did indeed once exist, but it was much more recent than 250 million years ago. The trouble with our geologic dating system, in spite of the current well-documented theories of continental drift, is that it has evolved from the theory of uniformitarianism that (unfortunately) superceded the theory of catastrophism at the time of Sir Isaac Newton (who promoted catastrophism).

The last time that Florida was completely under water was in 2348 BC. In fact, at that time the entire world was under water.

The super continent Pangea came apart sometime between 2247 and 2006 BC.

It’s really a little far fetched for man to attempt to determine accurate geologic dating when he has no idea of the changes that have taken place in the earth’s crust and in the earth’s celestial environment over the period of time that he is postulating for geological events to have occurred.

At the time of the universal flood in the days of Noah (and by the way, there is ample geological evidence for a universal flood) the earth was covered with water for about a year. At that time the earth’s land mass was all in one piece. The earth was not divided until, as the scriptures say, in the days of Peleg. Peleg lived from 2247 to 2006 BC.

You might find it enlightening to peruse the book, “Earth in Upheaval” by Immanuel Velikovsky, Doubleday, Garden City, NY 1955.






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