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Ntando wrote:
I’m born out of the wedlock, so is my younger brother. We are both of different fathers with whom my mother had already broken up before both their deaths. Later on I became a member of the Mormon Church, and much later my mother and brother became members too. Now we want to get sealed together for eternity. I’ve heard that we can’t get sealed to our mother only, she has to get a husband. Either a new one or one of our fathers. Chances of my mother finding a man to marry her are minimal. I doubt that she will also any of our fathers, but I might be wrong. But lets say I’m right. Then how can we be sealed. I would hate to lose my dear mother and my brother who’s my best friend. But how do we get sealed considering the necessity of a man in our family ? Some have said that I can get sealed to my mother and brother when I get married. It is most likely that my mother would have DIED by then. We want to do it as a living ordinance. Oh! Will she have to be endowed to get sealed to family ?
Ntando, from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Dear Ntando,
It is true that children can only be sealed to their own father and mother. (One must be sealed to two parents). I understand that if the parents have not been married, a common-law provision may be invoked. So a proxy would have to be provided for one of your mother’s two husbands. Things would not change if you were to wait to be sealed to your husband before being sealed to your parents. However, know this; that the Lord is both just and kind, and if you are endowed and sealed to parents in the holy temple and live by the temple covenants, nothing will be taken from you. If one or more of the parties is unworthy of the celestial kingdom, other worthy persons will be provided to whom you will be sealed, so that there will be an unbroken chain of priesthood authority in the realm of exaltation from father Adam to the latest generation.





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