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If your patriarchal blessing says that you are adopted, what does that mean?




I have to assume that you mean that when your patriarchal blessing is declaring your linage it mentions you being adopted into one of the twelve tribes. That is something that I can answer. If its about anything else in the patriarchal blessing then I can not. If it is anything else then it falls into the category of personal guidance and direction which I can not help with.

Assuming it is about linage then we start with Abraham. Abraham received a blessing Mormon Abraham-treefrom God that through his seed all the nations of the earth would be blessed. It is a powerful and far reaching blessing.

In the days of Christ many of the Jews claimed that they were more righteous then everyone else because they were of the seed of Abraham. Christ corrected them saying that if they wanted to be numbered among the seed of Abraham that they needed to do the works of Abraham (aka Righteousness) and that if they didn’t, then God could and would raise up stones to be counted among the seed of Abraham.

Thus we have the righteousness of a person being what qualifies a person to inherit the blessing given to Abraham. The whole parable of the Olive tree and the removing of the natural branches and the grafting in of the wild ones, is about this process of the removing the unrighteous from the seed of Abraham and adding in the rightous.

If your patriarchal blessing says you are adopted into the tribes then that means you weren’t a literal descendent of Abraham, but that do to your righteousness you are being adopted into the seed of Abraham.



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