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I shared your answer to the question of divorce with a friend of mine who believes that God’s law forbids divorce. He answered this way “I believe the context says that “putting away” and “divorce” are the same thing because it goes on to say that there is a remarriage. Jewish law did not allow a second marriage while the person was still married to another so that throws out the notation that the couple was “separated”. Would you help me reconcile your answer with his comment?

Barbara, from Decatur, Georgia

Dear Barbara,

You might tell him that we are talking about God’s laws, not Jewish laws. Divorce is, of course, a very undesirable end to a marriage. But I assume that we are talking about a legal divorce sanctioned by a court of law. That also is the law of man and not the law of God. If one of the partners in that divorce has remained true to the marriage covenant and to the other principles of the gospel, it would be unjust, and against the law of God, to prejudice that person because of an unfaithful spouse. The he/she should be allowed to marry again someone worthy of his/her faithfulness.


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