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Dear Gramps,

What will happen to the Temples during the second coming?  We bless and regard them with such sacredness and love, they are the Lord’s house. I live close to the New Zealand Temple and it’s heartbreaking to imagine it possibly being destroyed because of the wickedness and hardening of people’s hearts.  Thank you for answering my questions.





Hi Emmie,

First, I share your love for the temples of our God. They are sacred edifices consecrated for the work of our Lord, and our loved ones. The destruction of any of our temples truly would be heartbreaking to imagine, let alone endure; however, history appears to inform us that even temples are not spared from the wickedness and hard hearts of the children of humankind.

The Nauvoo temple was built in 1844, and four years later (1848) arsonists’ set fire to this temple. Solomon built a beautiful temple unto the Lord, and years later even this temple was destroyed.

With the many temples The Church is building, it would be very shocking if all were protected from the wickedness in our day. There are certain states by which I could easily see the people overrunning the temples, if mobs raged, due to their location and the acceptance of sin that is prevalent in these states.

Despite the possible destruction of these sacred, blessed, and beautiful buildings, the scripture comes to my mind (2 Nephi 2: 24), “But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things”; however, it will not stop the work of the Lord from progressing.





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