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Dear Gramps,

Will my parents, brothers and sister be sealed if we achieve different kingdoms? (I am the only member of the Mormon Church so far in my immediate family.)





Dear Kathy,

The sealing of families together for eternity is a priesthood ordinance that is conducted only in the Lord’s Holy House, the Temple. By the power of the holy priesthood wives are sealed to husbands and children are sealed to their parents. If those to be sealed are alive, they themselves must be present in the temple in order for the sealing to take place. If those to be sealed are deceased, they must be represented at the alter of the temple by proxies, who act in their behalf. Associated with the sealing ordinances are sacred covenants of obedience to the principles of the gospel. The temple ordinances are in a very real sense signs, or outward manifestations, of the covenants we there make with the Lord. For the sealing covenants to be valid the conditions of the ordinance associated therewith must be wholly and completely complied with. When those conditions are met the family unit is propagated as such into a state of exaltation in the celestial kingdom of glory. This represents the greatest blessing that the Lord has to bestow on his obedient children in mortality.

Those who are sealed and who violate their covenants may inherit one of the lower kingdoms of glory, but there they will exist as separate and single individuals, with no eternal family affiliation. The unit of the eternal family exists only in exaltation in the celestial kingdom.






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