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Unfortunately I am in a situation I never wanted. I was sealed in the temple but am now divorced. I have 2 young children. What is the church’ stance on having the sealing revoked?  I have heard it can only be done if you want to remarry? Will it void my sealing to my children? My ex husband did not respect me and did many things wrong in our marriage, if the sealing cannot be revoked will I really be stuck with him forever?





Dear BillyBob,

Have faith that the Lord knows what He is doing and that He will take care of everything we cannot.

In order for your fear to come true, something very important has to happen.  You both have to make it to the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom.  Anything less then that and it simply is not going to be an issue.

Think of the level of repentance and change that would have to happen in both your hearts for both of you to get there. Hopefully you are working toward that with all diligence no matter what your ex or anyone else does.

As you continue to work on your own progress you will find that the Lord will open up doors you never imagined.  And should you progress all the way to the Celestial Kingdom, when that day comes for you to gain Celestial glory, whomever it is at your side will be perfectly acceptable to you, because he too will have overcome all to be there.

As for your sealing to your kids, that would not be affected by any action the Church might make to revoke the sealing between you and your ex.






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