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Dear Gramps,

In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling for homosexual marriage to be allowed in all 50 states, what does this mean for the future of the Church and its members? Is this a specific sign of the times? I’ll be honest in saying that I am a little fearful for the future of our religious rights as members of the Church, and not legally being able to refuse homosexual marriage within our church. Can you give some insight on what we are now supposed to do in defense of our beliefs?




Now that same-sex marriage is legal, do you think someone will attempt to force the LDS church (by suing) to perform the practice or are we safe regarding this? And if, hypothetically speaking of course, someone would win a case against the church, what would the prophet’s next step be? Would that be a point that God would have to intervene in a very drastic way?





Dear Mitch and Brittney,

I don’t claim to know everything that our future holds.  However, the Church leadership has been very upbeat over our future.  For example, in February Elder Holland said the following at a CES fireside:


We know for certain that if and when everything else in the latter days is down or dying; if governments, economies, industries, and institutions crumble; if societies and cultures become a quagmire of chaos and insecurity, nevertheless, through it all the gospel of Jesus Christ and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that bears that gospel to the world will stand triumphant. It will stand undefiled in God’s hand until the very Son of God Himself comes to rule and reign as Lord of lords and King of kings. Nothing is more certain in this world. Nothing is more sure. Nothing could be more of an antidote to anxiety. As the Prophet Joseph declared, and as a generation of missionaries quote with fervor: The truth of God will sweep every country and sound in every ear. No unhallowed hand can stop it from progressing. Still true.

. . . .

And if there are some bumps along the way while waiting to see every promise kept and every prophecy fulfilled, so be it. As the remarkable Eliza R. Snow penned:


What, tho, if the favor of Ahman possessing,
This world’s bitter hate you are called to endure?
The angels are waiting to crown you with blessings!
Go forward, be faithful, the promise is sure.
Go forward, be faithful, the promise is sure.


That spirit cuts through confusion like the two-edged sword the truth of the Lord always is.


So, if you haven’t noticed, I am bullish on the latter-days. In nothing could I have more faith than I have in God the Eternal Father; in Jesus Christ, His Son; in their redeeming gospel; and in their divinely guided Church. So, what do we owe our students in this? We owe them a comparable testimony and a life “of good cheer.” The Savior asked for that so often that I personally consider it a commandment. However, worry and fear and pessimism and fretting can destroy anyone’s good cheer—yours and that of the people around you. So put a smile on your face, and cherish every day of your life!  [Emphasis added.]


As for what, specifically, the Church members are to do at this time:  The Church just recently gave some additional counsel, which you can read online here.







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