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I know that we are all God’s children and He loves us equally. But as I read scriptures (both Bible and Book of Mormon, I have noticed that God seems to have loved David in a special way over the rest of us. And He is very protective of women and warns man about the purity of His daughters. Why is it that He does not say the same for men? Does it have anything to do with the womb and creation? Also, I have heard that men need the priesthood to keep the letter of the law in control, while women is above that and carries the spirit of the law? Can you help with these questions.




You bring up many topics within your question. Let’s see how well I can do.

First, let us remember that men respond to different words than women do. Mormon Proclmation to the worldTherefore, the Lord communicates to each gender differently.

With men, we talk about honor, virtue, covenants, duties and sacredness. With women, it is similar, yet more is talked about chastity, submissiveness, and being a help-meet.

When we read the verses regarding the purity of God’s daughters, we can think of abusive spouses who are causing harm within families. (Read Jacob 2 for more on this.)

Of course, not all women are righteous. We can read about harlots in the scriptures. This is why men must learn to bridle their passions. (Alma 38:12)

Do men need the priesthood to keep the letter of the law? Yes. We need to make and keep covenants to show that we are above the animal and carnal nature of the flesh. Baptism, temple covenants and the oath and covenant of the priesthood all fall within this. A man is judged worthy by how well he keeps his covenants.

In addition, the Lord governs His Church through the priesthood organization. I look at how the Church is organized as the family is organized. The man typically presides over the household and the woman is a support or sustains her righteous husband. Of course, if a husband is not righteous, he may not be the head of his household and risk losing his family both in this life and in the life to come. (See D&C 121:34-46)



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