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Some time ago,  I heard a talk on BYU-TV by an apostle about bankruptcy. He talked about that and temple recommends. I don’t recall who it was, I have searched on the site for talks but not there. Does this ring any bells or do you know what the status is on having taken out bankruptcy and getting a temple recommend? I talked to the Bishop and he asked me to find that but I can’t seem to. Is there something?   I know that if you hold a high position as a Institute leader or such that you cannot have that calling if bankruptcy has been taken out. It was out of a failed business, basically no choice. Any thoughts?

D. Wesley




D. Wesley,

Bankruptcy is a hard decision fraught with feelings of failure. Since your bankruptcy came about because of a failed business, you took on a risk that simply didn’t work out for you, the business, and your family.

Temple recommend interview questions mention nothing about your financial standing except with two questions:
1) Are you current with any court ordered support? (Such as child support or alimony, etc.)
2) Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man?

If you can answer those questions truthfully in the affirmative, you should be granted a temple recommend.

If you took out these loans and credit lines with various vendors with the intention of not paying them, that is a dishonest intention. If you can look yourself in the mirror, and say with absolute certainty that you would have paid, if you could have, then you are a person of integrity that follows through with his word.

As far as other callings of authority or position, I couldn’t tell you. It seems to feel like the same answer to anyone who has ever been through a divorce. There is an impression that once one has divorced, even if they are remarried, that they can no longer serve as a Bishop, Stake President, Mission President, etc. I don’t have the specific answers to this, only of those examples of these great individuals who have served, seemed to have happy first marriages, and have a reasonable amount of personal accomplishment in their profession.

I don’t see how declaring a bankruptcy impacts your worthiness or consideration to serve in any of these capacities… unless you filed your bankruptcy under fraudulent pretenses or just to ‘take advantage of the law’ so you wouldn’t have to pay your creditors? It is true that there are some positions where you may be in a stewardship over finances, such as a Bishop… but let your priesthood leaders figure it out if and when they decide to consider you for such a calling.

My thoughts are that you should learn from your mistakes in your business, be proud that you took a risk, and let it go.






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