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My granddaughter has stolen a considerable amount of money from me. I can’t prove it but I am sure she did. I asked her about it. Her comment was “how can you accuse your own granddaughter?”  I don’t know what to do at this point. Can you help me to know what to do please? Thank you






You will know your granddaughter better then I would.  So you would be better qualified in knowing what you should do about it.

If it was my granddaughter I would first of all note that according to your message she evaded the question. That is not a good sign.  Then I would ask if I could prove that she is the thief.  In your case you say you can’t which means as much as you would like to deal with her thieving directly, you’d be on shaky ground if you did.  Because there is always the possibly that there was a mistake made somewhere.

So I’d work with what I knew.  Money has gone missing so I would need to find a more secure way of handling my money. I see this as common sense really.  By doing so I remove the possibility of future temptation or misunderstandings.

As for my granddaughter, I would love her.  I would also realize that she is more important than the money, and that youth (and even adults) make poor choices at times.  It’s very possible that in some way she justified her actions.  So as much as I would like to have a direct discussion about it, she would most likely not be ready or willing to face what she did, and I would need to be patient in working with her on the issue.






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