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My husband is having issues with the church and is not sure what he believes anymore. We were sealed in the temple with our 1 year old daughter about 6 months ago. My question is, if he stops going to church, will any future children still be born in the covenant? I have made up my mind that I will not divorce him for not going to church (in hopes he will come back) but I do not want to have any more children if they won’t be sealed to me.





Dear Worried,

It can be very difficult to deal with a spouse that has gone inactive or otherwise not on the same page regarding things you see as being of fundamental importance. Your willingness to honor your vows and work through these issues are very commendable. There are many important things you and your husband will need to agree to on how you are going to raise your kids. Given that you are asking me about sealing effect on future children, I am going to assume that you are confident that your kids will be raised in the gospel.

So let me clarify sealing for you. When you and your husband were sealed, there was a third party involved. You and your husband made your covenants with Christ. Christ is ever faithful and will not break the covenant. The only person that can break your covenant with Christ is you. The only person that can break your husband’s covenant with Christ is your husband. When your husband went inactive he suspended the blessing that come from keeping the covenant for himself and himself only.

In the eyes of the Lord you are still sealed to your husband even if he is inactive, and you are still entitled to every blessing that comes from it as long as you remain worthy. This includes having any future kids being sealed to you.






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