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Hi Gramps

I have a problem with my soon to be ex wife. My wife has lied to her solicitor and the bishop. She has received her temple recommend and is taking the sacrament. I have proof that she is lying. Jesus says in 3 Nephi Chapter 18 verses 28 and 29 not to suffer knowingly anyone to partake of the sacraments unworthily. Should I inform the bishop what I know so he can confront my wife in the hope that she will repent? I do not think she will repent otherwise as she seems to be able to justify everything she does. I don’t want her soul to be damned. Very concerned.






I would like to start with the last half of D&C 42:80.

80 …….. and every word shall be established against him or her by two witnesses of the church, and not of the enemy; but if there are more than two witnesses it is better.

This verse is talking about the need for witnessses for and against someone in a Church related action. Particularity I would like to draw your attention to ‘and not of the enemy.’ As your wife’s ex you could be seen as an enemy of your ex-wife.

This is not to say you shouldn’t talk to the bishop about it, because if it is bothering you that much you most certainly should. But you should not go with a preconceived notion of how things will go. If you are going in with the expectation that your ex will be punished or stopped or anything like that, then you are going in with the wrong desires.

Your desires should be to unburden yourself before the Lord through his representative. That once you say your part, you are going to let it go. That you are going leave it in the Lord’s and the Bishop’s hands. This would be good and wise.

By doing so you have done all you can do. The rest is in the hands of your ex and how she chooses to live her life and what kind of relationship she wishes to have with the Lord.





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