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I have never been sealed to a woman and the woman I wish to marry is already sealed and does not wish to cancel the sealing for fear of breaking her sealing to her children. I read the 1975 New Era Q&A about this. I want to know if I am not sealed in this life will I only be an angel?






As we read our scriptures and listen to the guidance of our Lord’s prophets and apostles, we ultimately become more familiar with our Father in Heaven’s perfect mercy and perfect love. These apostles and prophets have provided insight that children who have been born within the new and everlasting covenant of marriage will remain sealed to their parents, even if the sealing is canceled.

In light of these words, the woman you would like to be sealed to will not cancel herĀ  sealing to her children if she requests a sealing cancellation from her former spouse. Once a sealing is cancelled, we are advised that we should find comfort and peace knowing Heavenly Father is loving and just and will be fair and right for all who keep their covenants.

As I seek to provide an accurate response to your sincere question about becoming an angel I would draw your mind to two sections within the Doctrine & Covenants.

The first, D&C 82:10,

“I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.”

The second, D&C 131:1-7, which explains that if Heavenly Father’s sons and daughter do not enter into the “new and everlasting covenant of marriage…[they] cannot have any increase.”

However, with the aforementioned scenario, the woman you want to be sealed to doesn’t need to worry about losing her sealing to her children, thus, she is able to cancel her sealing to her previous husband and be sealed to you. Once this happens, you don’t need to worry about becoming an “angel” only.







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