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I recently read an answer in which you stated that one should not consume something, even if it is healthy, if they cannot get through the day without it. I understand that there are limits, as anyone knows that even if you don’t NEED alchohol, it is still bad for you. But does this mean that caffeine in small and not frequent is okay?






Caffeine is a stimulant, and can be found in some prescription medicines. As such, it is not forbidden, because medicine is intended to increase our health.

The trick comes in at ‘small amounts’. What exactly is a ‘small amount’? One can of Pepsi every other day? Perhaps some tea on occasion? This line of thought strikes me as a ‘how close can I get to the line without crossing’ approach. Instead we ought to be avoiding the line by as wide a margin as possible.

It is common knowledge that caffeine can be habit-forming for many people. Why take the risk? What can caffeine give you that you cannot obtain any other way?

My personal take is this; our bodies don’t need it unless we give it so much it learns to depend upon it rather than use the natural chemicals made by the body itself. I’d rather let my body work the way it was meant to instead of depend upon outside chemicals to do it.





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