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I am interested in finding out what power psychics use to give answers to people who go to them for help in solving problems. I don’t think it can be through the power of the Holy Ghost but wonder when the things that are said by the psychic are good and bring about positive results.





Dear Sandra,

Psychics as fortune tellers who purport to have communication from across the grave have been investigated by objective scientific methods since before the time of Houdini, who himself spent a good part of his life investigating the phenomenon. There has never been developed any shred of evidence by any investigation that has led to any positive conclusion. To the contrary, fraudulent representations have been frequently exposed. If any of those pronouncements bring about any positive results it is because the supposed psychics have obtained information beforehand about the unsuspecting dupe.

There are a number of definitions and uses of the term “psychic.” Among them is the following dictionary definition “Marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding.” There are indeed people with such expanded mental abilities. I once had something to do with a psychometrist. Psychometry is the ability to ascertain facts concerning an object or its owner through contact with or proximity to the object. Discussing this ability with him he remarked, “My ability is nothing more than that which is inherent in each of us. In some people it is developed or manifested to a higher degree than in others. We all have a voice, but there is only one Caruso.”

So perhaps we should not reject all extraordinary mental abilities out of hand. But regardless of the accuracy of the descriptions or forecasts of those who purport to have contact with the spirit world, they should be avoided like the plague and given absolutely no credibility. If, indeed, they do communicate with the spirit world, as they claim, it will never be from the righteous spirits who follow the will of the Father, but will always and only be through those evil and wicked spirits who follow the dictates of Satan.






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